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  • What does "Hand-Guided Machine Quilting" mean?

    A long arm quilting machine is basically a huge sewing machine on wheels. "Hand guided" means I am the one moving the machine over your quilt.

  • What is the largest quilt size width that Darís Long Arm Quilting can handle?

    120 inches

  • How is my quilt attached to the machine?

    First the top and bottom edge of your backing is attached to the machine using the Red Snapper Clamping method. This means no pins or zippers. You can watch a video here to see how it works.

    After the backing is secured to rollers - I use side clamps to keep the backing flat. Next comes the layer of batting and then your quilt top. Because of the rollers above and below AND the side clamps - this is why your longarm quilter asks for your backing to be larger by at least 4" on all four sides. Please note that this is not a suggestion. It is a requirement so your backing can be set up for quilting your top.

    As I complete the quilting for each visible area of the quilt from left to right - I advance the backing on the backing rollers. Then I lift the quilt up and the batting layer and make sure the backing is smooth and flat. Then I smooth out the batting and smooth out your quilt top, baste the sides and begin to quilt that area and so on.

  • Can you quilt a Tee-Shirt quilt?

    Yes I can! If you are sewing together the quilt top -- you need to apply stabilizer to the back of each shirt before sewing them together to make the quilt stable for quilting. If you want me to cut up your shirts and make the top for you -- PLEASE wash ALL items before bringing them to me and let ME do the cutting. For backing I suggest using cotton as opposed to something stretchy like minky - which I will not quilt on.

  • What are standard quilt sizes?
    BABY/CRIB: Between 36" x 52"
    LAP: Between 52" - 68" wide and 52" - 78" long
    TWIN: Between 64" - 72" wide and 86" - 96" long
    FULL: Between 70" - 88" wide and 88" - 100" long
    QUEEN: Between 88" - 99" wide and 94" - 108" long
    KING: Between 94" -108" wide and 94" - 108" long